Saite BT-6M5.0AT 6V5.0AH lead-acid battery

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The lead-acid battery of Saite, the brand: Saite's type: BT-6M5.0AT6V5.0AH

The producer sells directly to households, quality assurance, welcome to consult and negotiate.

The saling hot line of storage battery of Saite: 010-57177717 (polyline)

The telephone number of the round-the-clock service: 15311341065

Customer service QQ: 1961719876

Saite's sealed type valve-controlled storage battery has already been used in the national defence, electricity, communication trade and uninterrupted power system (UPS) extensively System, power system of meeting an urgent need (EPS) , while meeting an urgent need in fields such as lighting system, safeguard system, wind energy and solar energy energy-storage system,etc., the products sell well in all parts of the country and find a good sale in America and Europe, Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia, enjoy good reputation. Fujian Quanzhou Saite power Science Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, domestic researched and developed and produced one of the enterprises of the valve-controlled sealing lead-acid storage battery earlier, the company is located in the Lip river river area of Quanzhou of Fujian Province, the occupation of land is always with an area of 22000 square meters, floor area is more than 20000 square meters. Saite Company regards designing, making and selling high-quality power products as the mission, devoted to the research of the valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery, produce and sell diligently. Through the development over the past 12 years, the company has rich technical force, well-trained staff's team and professional fabrication facilities, annual production capacity is up to 500000 kilovolts, can specialize in AGM and GEL storage battery 2 big class.

The company is devoted to the internationally recognized brand uninterrupted power system (UPS) And products marketing and specialized company of the technical service of storage battery. The company collects to the agent and sells, technological development, the engineering service is an organic whole, rely on the specialized products to popularize the experience, complete power solution, overbalanced products service guarantee, the final trust of gaining the masses of users of every profession and trade. We will carry on technology innovation constantly, and combine our country's conditions. Merge the international UPS up-to-the-minute technology, provides for the masses of users and upgrades, more applicable products. The company has had one to engaged in UPS marketing and technical job team for many years, can provide technological consultation for customer, all azimuthal services such as technology lecture and maintenance, layout, field installation. Company establish begin, until " whether honest to deal in, the high quality is served " As the foundation that is based on. Exploit market actively on one hand, follow the trend of the information industry closely, is strengthening the technological capability of the company constantly. Strengthen the management inside the company in a more cost-effective manner at the same time, improve the staff's whole quality, establish the good image of the company.

The storage battery of Saite seals the principle:

The electrochemical reaction of the lead acid cell can be represented with the following formula:


(lead dioxide) (sulfuric acid) (the lead of sponginess) (the lead of sulfuric acid) (water) (the lead of sulfuric acid)

Electrolyte electrolyte

Grades of the intersection of active material and the intersection of negative electrode active material and positive pole discharge the intersection of product and negative pole discharge product

Ordinary lead-acid battery, is charging for later stage, will solve and react, namely produce the oxygen from positive pole, negative pole produces the hydrogen, and spread to the air, so need to mend and water to compensate electrolytic losses frequently. Then in our VRLA battery, the oxygen that positive pole produces is compounded in negative pole while charging, the so-called one " Oxygen cycle " Or " oxygen is compounded " .

In positive pole: In negative pole:



In above-mentioned circulation, net result its whether the intersection of positive pole and moisture is solve, in the intersection of negative pole and the intersection of regeneration and water, state it as follows specifically: The electrolyte is adopted in the battery " The greedy liquid " The state, namely does not leaving about 5% of capillaries is not occupied in the superfine glass hard board partition by the electrolyte as the gas passage. While charging, the moisture of positive pole will be spread to negative pole along the air flue when solving the oxygen produced, with the plumbous reaction occurring of the sponginess of negative pole, water produced returns to the electrolyte again. The sulfuric acid lead produced at the same time is turned in charging into the lead again. The oxygen is compounded in negative pole at the same time, plan to make the formulation in negative pole of hydrogen again, This is the reason why VRLA battery can realize the storage battery of Saite seal and non-maintaining.



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